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ZATZ A BETTER BAGEL is located in West Seattle’s Admiral District. Established in 1995, our bagel bakery produces all of our products utilizing the highest quality, all natural ingredients to ensure the consistent fresh taste. Our bagels are steamed versus boiled which gives them a lighter texture while still having the chewy bagel consistency.

 Because our bagels include no preservatives, such as butter or oil, to preserve the moisture, they have a one-day shelf life. We do not sell any of our bagels the next day. We also request that of our wholesale customers. You may wish to freeze the bagels on the same day they are baked to preserve their freshness so you can use only what you need each day. (many of our wholesale accounts do this regularly)

 We will provide you with:

  • List of ingredients
  • ZATZ display signage for your establishment or event upon request



  • We may be able to deliver 7 days a week (ask about conditions)
    • Standing delivery orders require a minimum purchase
      • Ask for details
    • There is no minimum order requirement for in store pick up
  • Payment terms are net 15 with approved credit
  • Orders need to be placed at least 48 hours in advance
    • Order changes must be received by noon, two days prior to delivery (Mon – Fri only)
    • Order changes for Monday must be received by Friday at noon
  • A Resale Certificate form is required for our files


  • Available upon request


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